5 Tips on How to Have a Great Website

5 tips on how to have a great website

Having a website is important, but having a great website that attract visitors is more important. Here are some tips to help you with your website,

1    What you build your website with

You can either use a website builder and do it yourself or engage the services of a website developer. Website builders are great for conventional websites and they are very easy to use without prior programming knowledge. Its just a drag and drop process. You may use CMS  like WordPress if you want a developer for your website since it requires some technical knowledge,although having a WordPress website also requires you to find a webhosting company with both MySQL and PHP support.On the other hand, one good thing about  CMS is that it is flexible.

2    The faster your pages load, the better

Make sure your website pages load very fast. Website visitors do not wait for a slow website, they simply leave and move on to the next. Even though internet connection keeps getting faster, remember websites are being loaded with contents as well;more images, more videos,more content to download and so on.One great tip on this is to reduce your content size as much as possible without having effect on the quality.You also need to consider website visitors that do not have access to very fast internet connection

3   Have a good Page Navigation

Your page needs a great navigation and this simply means your website should be easy to use and have clear and correct icons. Think of page navigation as road signs that direct you to where to go and how to get there. If your page navigation isn’t great, this simply increases your bounce rate.Try to use simple and precise link names such as contact us, Volunteer etc

It is also always advisable to have a link back to the homepage and this is usually the logo.

4   Writing

Write with your customers in mind.Think about what they need and what they want. Your website should contain clear messages without your visitors struggling to understand what is written.Write  with a clear call to action in mind.You can check competitors page to have an idea of how to go about your writing

Don’t write long stories as most people scan through websites and don’t actually read them.Also have in mind that your titles are very important. They have to be catchy enough for the visitor to want to continue reading.

5    Provide Relevant Information

When visitors come to your website, they seek answers.If your website does not provide that, they move on to the next website. Put important information on your site. Don’t be afraid of sharing too much such as prices.When your website is rich with information, chances that the visitor will stay and come back is very high

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