10 Top Tools for Bloggers and WordPress Websites

10 top tools for bloggers and WordPress website

We know there are a thousand and one apps out there for bloggers and it can be confusing to know which to use. These tools will actually help you on your blogging journey or if you have a WordPress website.Here’s a list of the best productive tools you can use;


MailChimp assists in tracking your email subscribers. It is an email management system that helps in managing your subscribers. It’s currently a free for email lists of up to 2,000 subscribers. After this, there’s a monthly charge for using Mail Chimp. MailChimp has great features so you can check how many emails sent get opened.


As a blogger, there are a lot of files, documents, drafts, and ideas on your computer. Keep everything organized in one place using Google Drive. You can also collaborate and organize campaigns with other bloggers or colleagues. Now you can backup your work and you have 2GB free storage.


Grammarly helps to check your article for any mistakes such as spelling, style, punctuation, sentence structure etc. The main score is free to view. The specific things to change or recommendations from grammarly comes with their paid plans.


Whether you are a pro or not in creating images, this tool is for you. With predesigned templates ,custom image sizes for every social media. Canva makes image creation very easy with drag-and-drop interface, beautiful colours and different fonts


Google Analytics account is one thing every blogger must have an account with. This tool provides insight into how well your website is performing, your traffic, and your audience. You can know where your web visitors are , how long they stayed and the pages they went to on your website. You can also know the location of your visitors as well.


Having SEO tool for your website is of utmost importance. . One of the best SEO tools for blogging is Yoast SEO, which makes sure your web pages and posts are optimised and tell you what to do if they are not. And what more, yoast is very simple to use. Just follow their instructions and you are good to go.


Finding free high-quality images on the internet is a battle bloggers. Good images is an essential part of a great article. My Stock Photos helps you find high quality, stock images free of charge.


One popular useful keyword research tool is keywordtool.io. It helps you search for keywords in your region. Amazingly, it is free.


Still on SEO, If you want an advanced SEO tool, SEMRush is the go to tool. It is one of the leading SEO tools .It provides in-depth analytics, tracks your competitor keyword strategy, runs an SEO audit f your blog and so much more. With this tool, you have a very detailed and optimised website.


Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you manage all your social media posts from one dashboard. You can schedule your posts for a later time as well. You can also track and manage your social media channels.

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