How Cloud Changed the Web Hosting Game

cloud and web hosting
Cloud has changed the world of web hosting

After the growth of cloud computing and similar technology trends, the web hosting industry has transformed to the point that most previous knowledge no longer matters. Such a quick expansion of the Internet, and cloud services to be precise, has altered the web hosting industry in several ways, out of which the three aspects stated below appear to have been the most apparent ones.

The cloud has created new business models

One thing that would certainly have changed after the cloud dominated the tech industry is the method which web hosting services are provided. To fulfil the demand for scalable web hosting resources, companies started providing or reselling cloud solutions, hence allowing even small businesses to gain access to storage and CPU resources at low costs. Therefore, the market has transformed as well as the offering, which now often comprises cloud and VPS hosting for SMEs, whereas dedicated servers are still the preferred resource for enterprises, and hence provided by major hosts only.

Operating costs reduction enabled more web hosts to start competing globally

Renting the cloud space is still one of the most affordable means of gaining access to powerful computing resources that web hosts can use for increasing their offerings. This implies that even smaller hosting companies can present economical business models with little investments in physical servers, which translates into a swift growth of a user base. More importantly, since cloud hosting functions similarly well almost anywhere on Earth, this allows a larger amount of providers to begin competing in the global market.

Security concerns have increased and remained one of the most important topics in the industry.

Cyber security has always been a serious subject in the web hosting industry and its significance has only amplified with the evolution of the cloud. Specifically, as discovered by various research, DDoS attacks are on a continuous rise and this trend is deeply influenced by the rising move to the cloud platform in the business environment. Cloud applications and communication systems, though effective in terms of functionality, are quite highly vulnerable to malicious activities.

A current Global DDoS Attack Report by Akamai stated that there was a 47% rise in total DDoS attacks in comparison to the first quarter of 2013. This increase, regrettably, appears to be constant during the last several years, which is undoubtedly a worrying fact that brings new security requirements for the web hosting industry.

Bearing in mind the existing size of the cloud market, it appears rational that more and more hosting companies focus on it. Dedicated servers are slowly going out of fashion and the future of data storage gradually depends on the cloud. One thing that would certainly not change, however, is the task of satisfying users’ expectations and only the companies that follow and surpass the pace of change would be capable of remaining steadily competitive in the industry as it is. Switch to Garanntor today for impeccable cloud hosting service, find out more at

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