Introducing Garanntor

IIf you’re reading this, chances are you have heard of us and what we do

Introducing Garanntor

If you’re reading this, chances are you have heard of us and what we do. Nonetheless, if you don’t, here is the run-down: Garanntor was created in November 2015, born out of a need for premium hosting and cloud services at unmatched prices. The team that founded it already had more than 10 years’ experience in the hosting and technology industry, so we decided it was time to put all our expertise into something new: a web and cloud hosting platform, delivering outstanding hosting service and amazing features at an unbeatable price.

We commenced work on the project in November 2015. Our datacentre is physically hosted at a Tier III facility. The datacentre is equipped with complete climate and temperature control, raised floor facility, fault protection, security, fire-suppression systems, water detection systems, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), standby and redundant power generation, and backup generators.

We are officially launching the platform in 2016 – building everything in just 6 months. Our hosting infrastructure is top-notch.

Our technical infrastructure is tested and maintained by a team of experienced system administrators and engineers, who are certified according to the most stringent industry standards.

Why a Cloud Company?

It all started with a market gap. One of our clients in Africa mentioned the need for a cloud hosting company with datacentre located locally that can match global standard which was proficient and would not cost an arm and a leg. It was something along the lines of a need for a cloud company that “guarantees” 100% uptime to fulfil businesses growing demand for next-gen IT services. After several weeks of continuous discussions, we decided it was best for our name to reflect what our brand stands for and our promise to customers. We went the extra mile to include 24 hours customer service and support to assist our customers every step of the way, at any time, on the phone, social media, email, live chat.

Our service range includes but not limited to – domain names, virtual private servers, cloud servers, web hosting, web security, cloud solutions, content delivery network, application hosting, cloud storage, disaster recovery and colocation.

Along Comes Garanntor

We wanted a name that would resonate with our brand values, still sound good and be acceptable globally. We also wanted it to be somewhat related to what we do – guaranteeing the best hosting service, but in our own way, with a twist. Just like in our work – we take what we have and translate it into top-notch services to people, businesses and companies all over the world.

There’s even more to the pleasant sound and sentimental value of it. Garanntor also perfectly expresses our focus on offering reliability, performance, speed, agility and flexibility. It’s pronounced just like ‘guarantor’, it’s short, catchy and it sticks. It’s non-generic and sets us apart from the multitude of “hosting” derivatives.

You can already tell we really, really like our name – we hope you do too.

So what’s next?

After the official launch, we will be initiating a couple of awesome projects, collaborations, regional expansion plans and cool new features. Over the next few of months we will be announcing them one by one.

In 2017, we are glad to announce Garanntor won the award as the best local hosting company.

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