So You Have a Domain Name…Now What?

You’ve chosen the best domain for your business…now what? Consider having a domain name like

You may ask, now i have a domain name, what’s next. You’ve chosen  and registered domain name for your business…now what? Consider having a domain name like receiving the keys to your new home. You’ll need to install curtains and windows in your new house, decorate, and ensure you include a security system. There are several things you may need to consider after registering your website domain name:

Create a Website and Start blogging tactically
Having a blog on your business or personal website allows you to:
• Engage and interact with visitors.
• Deliver information
• Indicate that you’re listening and attentive to visitors needs

Registering a domain is the first step, now you need to create a website and start blogging. Don’t know how to create a website? Not to worry. You can build a website all on your own without prior programming knowledge with our Garanntor website builder.A vital point to bear in mind is to start blogging with a strategy. Never forget that humour can go a long way. Write and combine your information with personal stories and anecdotes. If your blogposts are about painting houses, it can come across as quite dry (and no, not the paint). Narrate a story that amusingly talks about that time when Mary accidentally painted the neighbours’ dog and she had to bathe it before the neighbours knew a thing. Make it lively by being relatable. However, do not forget your readers are looking for information as well. You may think of hiring a copywriter or content creator, if you don’t have the time or resources to blog.

List your toll-free number
Your toll-free number is a significant link between your customers and your business. This number can be considered a second (or occasionally first) point of contact after your website itself. Your toll-free number can offer a priceless means of building trust. Just ensure you have good customer service personnel handling the phone.

Secure your website
Web security is very essential. Why? Not securing your website is similar to constructing a multi-million dollar mansion and then ignoring the need to put doors and a lock on it. Nobody wants just anyone gaining access to their homes. You are the only one you can trust with getting access into your house.
Security is particularly imperative if you trade products over the internet. Most stores automatically come with security software and protocols. However, if you’re creating your own checkout system, you may want to consider this if you haven’t already. Garanntor offers online security tools such an SSL certificate to secure customers’ details online.

Get Ready For the Holidays
Prepare your website for the holiday period by developing your informational product pages for your website to be prominent. Monitor any page visits and traffic changes by watching the key metrics in Google Analytics. Checking if your website needs more server space before going on a vacation is always a solid strategy.

Keep Up With New Inventions at Google
Google Hummingbird took off in recent times, and Google consistently makes changes that reveal the future of SEO. As a small business owner who runs an online business, make sure you stay up to date with the way algorithms work so that you may modify your website accordingly.

Engage Your Audience by Being Active On Social Media
View social media as a means to do less, not more. You can do less work, if you use social media for the right reasons. The suitable social networks can help create awareness for your business. Just ensure you’re not bombarding your followers and readers with too many adverts. Stay relevant by posting insightful, enlightening articles that your customers will appreciate. Curate a good balance between fascinating and amusing content that your customers would want to read. Be humane, empathic and friendly. Most especially, remember to interact on social media in the same manner that you do in the real world. This implies that you must be courteous, and utilise your social media etiquettes when suitable. Yes, this means that you should always say please and thank you!
Your domain is just the initial phase to the exciting and extremely satisfying process of operating an online business. Don’t let your domain gather digital dust. Make it work for you and put it to good use. Do you have questions about getting started? Please let us know how we can help in the comments below.

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Source: iPage Blog

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