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FAQs About Domain Name Registration

What is a Domain Name?

domain name is a unique name that individuals or businesses register with a domain registrar to claim their own space on the internet. A registered domain name can be used as the name for a website, for an email or both. A domain name is needed by a web host to publish your website. But Garanntor isn’t just about domain name registration. We’ve got everything you need to get online. From cheap shared hostingwindows hostingwebsite builderssl certificate and email hosting Garanntor has you covered.

How Do I Know If a Domain Name is Available?

There are a couple ways to see if a domain you want is available. First, simply type the URL into Garanntor’s domain search—we’ll tell you if the domain can be registered or not. Or, search for the domain in Whois Lookup. For more information, see What is gTLD. See also What is New gTLDWhat is ccTLD

How Do I Choose The Best Domain Name?

A great domain name is a concise, easy to type, and memorable URL that reflects your brand or your website’s subject matter. Avoid using hyphens, strings of numbers, or unnecessary words to make it easy for your visitors to remember and find your website. Remember: A great domain name is short and one that your visitors can type correctly on their first try. For more information, see Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Website. See also Characters & Characters Valid Lengths for Domain Names

Should I Buy Multiple Extensions For The Same Domain?

Yes. Registering a domain extension reserves it so that no one else can use it. So if you’ve got, you might be wise to also register and (and redirect them back to your correct site) in order to avoid confusion and keep your visitors coming to your site. For more information, see Why you Should Buy all of your Domain Name Extensions

What Can I Do With My Domain Name?

Domain names can be used in a number of ways. Direct visitors to your website’s home page or use complementary domains to send them to specific areas of your website ( e.g. for a careers page). Or, forward a custom domain to an existing social media account, like your social media profile. With a domain name you can even set up custom email addresses like [email protected], which can be used to conduct business or communicate with your followers. For more information, see How to Connect a Domain Name to a Hosting account or Server

How do I transfer a domain I own to Garanntor?

Transferring your domain to  Garanntor takes a few steps, If you have a domain registered at another provider, but would like to manage it through your Garanntor account, you can transfer your domain to using our Domain Transfer page or contact our 24/7 support team for assistance.