Server Backup Cloud

Complete Protection
For Your Business

Complete Protection

From physical to virtual and Windows to Linux-based systems, protect your whole IT infrastructure.

Fast Recovery

Achieve Recovery Time Objectives of 15 seconds or less by starting your Windows or Linux backup directly from storage as a Virtual Machines.

Secure Solution

Advanced ransomware protection of backups and endpoints, data encryption in transit and at rest, network based login restrictions, etc.

Reduce Storage Costs

De-duplication ensures you don’t save the same file twice. No more costly tapes and rotation schemes involved in classic backup systems.

Select a Plan That Best Fits Your Needs.

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In addition to our Virtual Server, we also offer Dedicated Server or Colocation

Server Backup Cloud Features

Protection for 20+ Platforms
World’s Fastest Recovery

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FAQs About Our Server Backup Cloud

What is Server Backup Cloud

Garanntor Backup Cloud is a backup-as-a-service solution that allows you make a copy your files, applications, virtual machines or servers and store them safely on a remote network of computing resources that you access via the internet

How Secure Will My Data Be?

Only you have access to the data you store in the Garanntor Data Center. Garanntor Data Centers identify all the incoming data with your Garanntor account ID. Only you can access the data, whether you are backing up or restoring a single file or an entire machine.

Your data is encrypted — even before you send it. Garanntor Cloud Storage can encrypt your data at-source with government-approved AES-256 strong encryption before sending it to a secure Garanntor Data Center. You set the password and only you can access it.

Even metadata is encrypted! All management communication between your system and the Garanntor Cloud runs through secure channels with SSL encryption. With our cloud backup solutions, all aspects of your data are completely secure at any given moment in time.

Garanntor Data Centers are highly secure. Physical security is ensured via high fences, 24×7 security personnel, and video surveillance with 6-years archiving. A biometric hand-geometry scan and proximity key card are required for access.